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The programme is for them!
Most of the projects involve the Roma and people with disabilities

The implementation of the preparatory phase was commenced by thirty nine successful development partnerships on 16th January 2005 - as stated in the Newsletter #1. You may ask which are the target groups of the supported programmes? Is the objective set by the EQUAL Programme realised by the Hungarian projects: the extension of employment and training of the disadvantaged groups?

In the light of the statistical data we can declare: yes, it is realised. When broken down by target groups, most of the projects affect the Roma and people with disabilities. There are 11 Roma programmes (4720 people) and 17 susseccful prgrammes affecting people with disabilities (2300 people). In addition, there are 9 with predominantly women, 4 with the youth and four with people above 45 as target groups. Asylum seekers are supported by two programmes under implementation (code: I), for the improvement of the conditions of a total of 620 asylum seekers, and there are two more projects aiming at the extension of employment of a total of 1740 detainees. Further target groups include the homeless, the mentally handicapped, the drug addicts and - as a cumulative category - the inactive population.
A number of projects indicate the post graduate training of experts and researchers involved in the project as that of a separate target group, 1120 people altogether.
Almost all kind of project activities involve education and training. Also, employment (integrated or protected, maybe as working experiences), securing protector services, legal aid, research and the operation of so-called second chance schools are among the most significant activities.

Distribution of the projects by target groups affecting approximately 40 000 people

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