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United Nations Development Found for Women

Anty-Slavery International

Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services

Enabling Education Network

Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association

Women's Enviroment and Development OrganizationGround: Women's Access to Natural Resources and the UN Millenium Development Goals New York: WEDO

Women's International Coalition for Economic Justice.

World Bank Gender and Developement Group

CEDAW concluding comments and government reports for each country can be found at:

Documents relating to Bejing +5 can be found at:

The reports of the Millenium Taskforces can be found at:

National MDG reports:

A wide range of resources on gender equality and the MDGs

Foundation For Women's Health Research and Development

Inter African Committe on Traditional Practices

International Center for Research on Women

International Planned Partnerhood Federation

International Women's Health Coalition

Pan African christian Women Alliance


UK Resource Centre for Women

United Children Fund

United Nations Population Fund


United Nations Developement Programme


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW)

United Nations high Commisioner for Human Rights

Untied Nations Population Division

United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Pan American Health Organization

The World Bank

The Inter-African Committe on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children

The Safe Motherhood Inter-Agency Group

Women In Law and Development

Working Groups on Girls

International and Regional NGOs

Center for development and Population Activities

Non Consenual Sex in Marriage Programme

Empowering Widows in Development

Family Care International

Alan Guttmacher Institute

International Center for Research on Women

International Planned Parenthood Federational

International Women's Rights Action Watch

International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific

Population Council

Save Children Fund

Sisterhood is Global Institute

Womankind Worldwide

Fondation du Present

The Global Reproductive Health Forum South Asia

Human Rights Web

Project Diana

Qweb Sweden: Women's Empowerment Base

Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings and its Explanatory Report

ONG Playdoo

Hacettepe Iniversity Research and mplementation Center On Women1s Issues

Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics

Women and Politics

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Nordic Council of Ministers

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