Theme H: Equal Opportunities for women and men
Reducing gender gaps and supporting job desegregation

This priority promotes equal opportunities for women and men in the labour market through reducing gender gaps and fighting horizontal and vertical segregation. Measures under this priority aim at raising awareness of gender issues in the labour market, and changing stereotypes and patterns. In addition, actions improving the labour market position of women will require through training and skills development will be supported to reduce vertical segregation.
These DPs are looking for Transnational Partnership from his thematic group:
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Development Partner
Lead Partner
Dossier Number Theme
1. Equal pay for equal work! Creation and operation framework of Development Partnership Szakszervezetek Gazdaság és Társadalomkutató Intézete HU-6 H
2. Modelling a female promotion system West Hungary Humán Szolgáltató Kht. HU-7 H
3. Choices - mothers back to the labour market VOSZ Tanácsadó és Szolgáltató Közhasznú Társaság HU-8 H
4. Women’s chances are growing! Zala Megyei Munkaügyi Központ HU-9 H
5. "The nursery of chance" EURO-OKTAÉDER Szakközépiskola HU-43 H

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